Pastry & Viennoiserie of the Month

Two special treats for the month of March
The pastry and viennoiserie of the month are available in our stores until March 31.

Rectangular pastry with honey and bee on top

Pastry of the Month

Layers of moist honey cake filled with a tangy sour cream and yogurt cream and sweet fig jam. Topped with homemade honeycomb.
Honey Yogurt and Fig Cake
Honey Cake
Yogurt & Sour Cream
Fig Jam


Round croissant dough with half apricot in the center

Viennoiserie of the Month

Our always delicious croissant danish filled with a lightly sweetened caramel pastry cream, half apricot, and finished with a sprinkling of praline grains.
Caramel Pastry Cream



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