Lavender macarons


How about celebrating the summer by escaping to the lavender fields of Provence, France, even just for a few minutes?
Our Lavender Specials will be available at both our stores until September 21st.
If you have any questions, please send us an email at catering@faubourg.com.
Lavender pastry

Lavender Strawberry Vanilla Mousse Cake

Our lavender pastry is made with: Lavender Mousse, Strawberry Crémeux, Vanilla Bean Mousse and Lavender Joconde Cake.
It is an individual pastry
lavender viennoiserie

Pastry Cream Brioche

You will love the softness and generosity of our brioche.
Pair it with one of our lavender special drinks to make it a perfect snack.
Lavender macaron

Earl Grey Macarons

The filling combines two flavours that work very well together.
When pre-ordering, please add a note that you would like the lavender earl grey macarons.
Lavender drinks


Time for a drink! Lavender Black Tea Latte, Lavender Latte & Lavender Black Tea Mix Berries Smoothie
Black tea is English breakfast tea 

*the smoothie isn’t available on Faubourg Express at the moment.