It’s Happening in Kerrisdale: The Bistro is Back!
For those who remember, we used to have our bistro operating at our Kerrisdale location until last year. We are now pleased to announce that we are ready to re-launch Bistro 41! Bistro 41 will offer a diverse array of French influenced dishes that will satisfy the need for a refreshing food experience in the community.
More details to come, but in the meantime let’s meet with our new chef, Frederic Biesen. Fred is a French-born chef with international experience in the culinary world, whose last position took him to the country of Bahrain at a 5-star hotel for 2 years.
What brought you to Vancouver?
“A new challenge and experience. I am happy to share with the Vancouver community a taste of authentic French food. The dishes I create reflect the influences and experiences I have obtained from my travels across the world. It’s a dream to be immersed within this city and absorb it’s natural beauty around me.”
What challenges do you foresee in your new role?
“I will be challenged to cater to a new and vibrant audience and adapt my previous experience working as a chef de partie to the current position as the main kitchen chef of Faubourg. I was very pleased to visit Granville Island the day after landing in Vancouver where I discovered the quality and variety of high-class local products. With such fresh ingredients, I feel very comfortable to provide authentic French cuisine and look forward to incorporating these foods into my dishes.”
Tell us more about Bistro 41?
“I don’t want to reveal too much information now, but, between you and me, I can tell you that we will be open for dinner at night and will also take on a few of our classic recipes from our previous menu, along with some exciting new dishes.”