Faubourg can accommodate any corporate or private event with its unique catering services

We offer our delicious ready-planned menus or ‘A la carte’ homemade products, to accommodate all your corporate or private needs. For breakfast meeting, corporate lunch, retirement parties, birthdays, wedding, outof the office event, name it and we will create a menu that will respond to your specific needs.

Faubourg has created a large choice of gifts basket. Either as a present to someone you care about, or as an elegant and unique corporate gift for your clients or employees. These baskets can also be tailor-made to match your wishes.


We would love to cater your event. Whether you’re looking for hors d’oeuvres for a cocktail party, family reunion. Or bite sized desserts for a wedding or birthday party. Our catering options are designed to suit any occasion. Check also our whole cakes and macarons on the Bakery and Café page.

private catering salted treats

Savoury Options

Canapés $46/dozen
Mini Sandwiches $38/dozen
Amuse Bouche $20/dozen
Pain Surprise $75 each
Veggie Platter $38 each

Sweets & Drinks

Mini Viennoiseries order per dozen
Mini Pastries $36.00/dozen
Petit Fours $20/dozen
Fruit Brochettes $76 for two dozen
Coffee Container $55

Pièces Montées

18″ height (serving 32)       $288.00

16″ height (serving 25)       $225.00

14″ height (serving 20)       $180.00

12″ height (serving 15)        $150.00

10″ height (serving 12)        $120.00

8″ height (serving 9)         $90.00

* A 48 Hours notice is required for pièce montée

Macaron Towers

10 tiers (220 macarons)           $540.00

9 tiers   (184 macarons)           $460.00

8 tiers   (152 macarons)            $385.00

7 tiers   (124 macarons)            $325.00

6 tiers   (100 macarons)           $270.00

5 tiers   (79 macarons)             $245.00

 4 tiers   (61 macarons)             $200.00


We can accommodate all of your corporate needs: breakfast, lunch, afternoon break or any other corporate function that requires special attention. We offer a large choice of delicious and affordable menus, or ‘A la carte’ catering. Upon request, we can also create a menu that respond to your specific needs.

corporate lunch

Ready-Planned Menus

Le Breakfast


Le Morning Break $10.25
Le Continental $5.95


Le Lunch


La Gourmet Box $19.35
Le Lunch Box $16.25


Le Break


Le Board Meeting $11.85
Le Afternoon Break $6.60


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Faubourg has created unique and exclusive gift boxes. In each of them you will find all our “savoir-faire” and unique treats. Mini patries, macarons, Mariage Freres tea, Faubourg brew coffee and many more.

Designed as corporate gifts or quaint gifts. By offering one of these baskets, you are sure to please the person who will receive it.


Feel free to contact us if you want to custom your own corporate gift boxe. catering@faubourg.com

*For large orders we can also organise deliveries.

Gift Baskets

Faubourg Brew Coffee Gift Basket

Corporate Gift Baskets

Large Corporate Gift Basket
Medium Corporate Gift Basket
Small Corporate Gift Basket