Special Easter Pastry

Chocolate Mousse

Special Easter Tart

Bunny Tart

Special Easter Macaron

Macaron Bunnies

Special Easter Bread

Easter Bread

Pastry of the Month

White Chocolate Blondie

Macaron of the Month

Green Apple Cinnamon Macaron

Viennoiserie of the Month

Pineapple Coconut Danish

Easter Specials

For this Easter season, all three Faubourg locations will be offering the following delights:


Chocolate Mousse

A dark chocolate mousse paired with a raspberry cremeux over a sable Breton cookie. This special treat comes glazed in chocolate and is finished with festive meringue kisses.

Available from April 13 to 17

$6.25 each (without taxes)

Easter Bunny Tart

Our flaky tart shell filled with salted caramel and milk chocolate ganache, topped with a white chocolate mousse bunny and chocolate eggs.

Available from April 13 to 17

$6.95 each (without taxes)

Macaron Bunnies

Celebrate the Easter season with an option of white or brown macaron bunnies, filled with either chocolate or vanilla ganache.

Available from April 13 to 17

$3.95 each (without taxes)

Easter Egg Bread

To celebrate the Easter season, Faubourg will be offering a delicious brioche style braided egg bread dotted with chocolate candy easter eggs. Available in large and small sizes.

Available from April 13 to 17

small $7.95 each (without taxes)

large $12.95 each (without taxes)

Products of the Month

Each month, our talented pastry team creates specialty delicacies to wow our customers. This month, must-try treats include:

White Chocolate Blondie

A white chocolate blondie paired with caramelized white chocolate cremeux, rhubarb jam, vanilla chantilly, and fresh strawberries! Spring time perfection!

Pineapple Coconut Danish

A pineapple/coconut Danish croissant, featuring coconut pastry cream and diced pineapples, topped with toasted coconut flakes. This is one you’re going to want to come in and taste!

Green Apple Cinnamon Macaron

A green apple macaron topped with the complimentary flavour of cinnamon. Give it a try!